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Topsy Toddler’s status as a cooperative nursery makes the value of donations important and helps the school meet its needs and keep to its budget.

Donations from local businesses have been used for the school’s Big Raffle that helps the school bring in 1/4 of its fundraising goal and to help defer the costs of the school’s evening events.  Topsy Toddler’s members are encouraged to patronize the businesses listed below that have donated their products and services to the school.

If you know a business that would like to donate to Topsy, you can e-mail us at topsytoddler@yahoo.com.  Businesses who donate to the school will be listed on the website and acknowledged in our monthly newsletter.

Do you remember collecting Campbell Soup Labels as a kid?  Well, we at Topsy continue that tradition and encourage our members to collect and donate these labels.  There is a container by the coat racks where you can deposit your labels.  Only the barcode with UPC is necessary.  A copy of the participating brands/items has been placed in every mailbox.  These donations help the school get needed classroom supplies.

We also have a “Giving Tree” that has some of the everyday necessities that we use at Topsy.  Feel free to take a leaf or pumpkin off of the tree near the entrance and return the item to Mrs. Jordan.  Your donations are greatly appreciated.