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Topsy Toddler has been in operation in Allen Park since 1970.

We are a non-profit cooperative preschool. A co-op means we are owned and operated by the parents of the young children. A co-op is distinct because it involves parents working in the classroom, fundraising, and attending meetings to offset tuition while devoted to a child’s main business – playing.

In a co-op the staff includes a well trained teacher along with the parents.  Topsy Toddler costs less then other preschools because our parents contribute their time and talents to make our school successful. Parents are actively involved in every aspect of the school, in the classroom, on the board of directors and in various committees and jobs. 

Topsy Toddler's program creates a special community that gives parents and children the opportunity to play, learn and grow together.

Our children gain more one on one attention as there is normally one adult for every three students. The parents play an integral part in their child's education. Parental involvement is the key to a successful cooperative preschool.  

We offer a Tot class that is a NON POTTY TRAINED parent-toddler preschool class for 2 year olds. Tuition for the 2017-2018 year will be $40 a month.  

For FULLY POTTY TRAINED children, we  have a 3 year old class and a 4 year old class. Tuition for 3′s will be $60 per month, and tuition for 4′s will be $70 per month. Children must be 2, 3 or 4 respectively by September 1st, 2017 to enroll.  For more information click on the “Classes” button.

We are run by an Executive Board of Members, have a veteran teacher and are members of the Greater Detroit Cooperative Nursery Council.

Please call Anna Croft, 734-358-9628, to register your child.