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Welcome to the Topsy Toddler Children's Cooperative Preschool Home Page!

Topsy Toddler is play-based preschool program.  We have programs for 4's, 3's and Tots.  

Topsy Toddler has been in operation in Allen Park since 1970.

Applications for Fall 2017 are being accepted NOW!!!

We have openings for our 4's, 3's and Tots programs.

To register, download the form by clicking on "Register Now" link above.

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A child's job is to grow and learn about the world around them so that one day they can be a functioning part of a contributing society. Children prepare for this through play. Essentially, a child's job is to grow and play. Play has a critical role in the development of many skills like cognitive skills, social skills, and problem solving. In our classroom, we will learn through play and hands-on exploration. Activities, songs and games are designed to engage each child. My goal is for each child to feel welcomed, valued and important. I want the children to know this is their preschool and they have an important role here each day. My role as the teacher is to provide an environment that supports each child's social, emotional and physical needs. Preschool years are precious, so let's have fun! Teachers and parents should lead by example: dive into that messy art project, sing along loudly to those silly songs, get lost in imaginary play, and be enthusiastic!

Lindsey Williams, Teacher
Topsy Toddler


Upcoming Schedule:

Thursday, August 17th
- Open House - 6:30 PM

Monday, September 11th
- 4's First Day of School

Tuesday, September 12th
- 3's First Day of School 
- Tots Orientation - 6:30 PM
- Mandatory Parent Meeting (ALL CLASSES) - 7:00 PM

Tuesday, September 26th
- 3's Special Event - 
Plymouth Apple Orchard

Wednesday, September 27th
- 4's Special Event - 
Plymouth Apple Orchard

Tuesday, October 3rd
- Tots First Day of School
- General Meeting - 3's Parents - 6:30 PM
- General Meeting - ALL CLASSES - 7 PM

Tuesday, October 10th
- 3's Special Event -
  America's Parade Company Tour

Wednesday, October 11th
- 4's Special Event -
  America's Parade Company Tour